Spider Sabich and Terry HecklerWe bring together the big picture and the fine detail of building distinctive, enduring brands for growth. With every creative project, we further brand storytelling, offering deep experience in aligning strategy and effective communications in any medium. Our average client relationship is over 12 years, allowing us a long-term role in our clients' success through a full spectrum of marketing initiatives.

Whether a project demands breakthrough impact or style finesse, we guide strategic creative ideas from concept to delivery, coordinating a wealth of in-house creative and production talent with extended affiliate partners.  When your initiative requires consumer insights, social media engineers, PR or media buying specialists, Heckler Associates can provide you with tight strategy, tactical and creative execution across disciplines and teams.

We've been there, addressing internal, trade and consumer audiences. We've reached early-adopters and garnered buy-in from franchisees. From logos and naming to store design and ad campaigns, Heckler Associates has a long track record of smart, fresh thinking in the real world of brand building.

K2 pro skier Spider Sabich and Terry Heckler - 1972


Panera Bread

From the name and logo up, Heckler Associates was integral in the development and national expansion of a promising bakery café chain named Saint Louis Bread Company. Over the course of 12 years, Heckler crystallized and guided the Panera Bread brand identity and marketing at all levels of design, advertising and strategy, and turned the store experience into a powerful brand medium. The result has been the fastest growing franchise food chain in America, with over 1400 locations by 2011.
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Panera Bread logo


Heckler Associates helped three coffee-loving entrepreneurs create the best brand name and logo for their new start-up. For their first 14 years, we worked on all aspects of building the brand to a global phenomenon, from packaging and in-store merchandising design to advertising and strategic expansion. After more than 35 years, Heckler Associates continues to work with Starbucks on special projects. Read more >

Starbucks logo

New Balance

When Jim Davis bought New Balance in 1972, his first question to Heckler was "Do I need a new name?" It began a formative relationship for the brand, leading to the NB logo and iconic N on the shoe saddle. After 15 years as New Balance's comprehensive communications partner, Heckler continues work with New Balance as a branding and creative agency for several New Balance business segments, including Aravon, Procare, PF Flyers, and NB Lifestyle.

New Balance logo


Starting with the name and logo, Heckler took Bill Kirshner's ski equipment company from his garage on Vashon Island, Washington to an international industry leader. Creative innovation at every turn made the most of K2's early resources. From breakthrough trade sell-in support to iconic consumer marketing, Heckler's 20 years partnered with K2 launched a brand that still flies high.

K2 logo

Rainier Beer

When Heckler started working with the venerable Seattle-based beer, it was the 13th best-seller in the market. Then began 12 years iconic advertising that took the brand to the region's #1 within three years. Wildly creative and influential, Rainier marketing by Heckler is woven deeply into the culture of the Northwest and continues to be revived and re-run by the brand.

Rainieer beer logo with running bottle


T9's predictive text solution has become the most used software in the world, an ingredient technology in practically every portable communication device. Heckler understood that the name and logo had to define the brand in a very small footprint. T9 also had to stake leadership quickly. Our strategic positioning guidance and out-of-the-box trade marketing set T9 on a path to global dominance.

T9 logo


In 1982, before the word "microbrew" was invented, Heckler created the logo for what was to become the first nationally distributed microbrew in 2001. Heckler designed nearly every piece of branding, advertising, merchandising and packaging along the way, balancing smart humor and sophisticated sensibilities for a new category of beer enthusiast.

Redhook logo